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Leadership Resources

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McREL Leadership Resources


Leadership Survey




I’ve read about and sampled McREL’s Balanced Leadership Profile survey product. It is based on research about principals who successfully lead change in schools, first-order change or second-order change. (I believe it applies to other educational administrators as well.)


First-order change First-order change implies a logical extension of past and current practices. Actions associated with a first-order change represent incremental improvements. First-order changes can be implemented with current knowledge and skills.

Second-order change Second-order change implies a fundamental or significant break with past and current practices. This type of change represents a dramatic difference in current practices. Second-order changes require new knowledge and skills for successful implementation.


McREL: Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning Glossary


Successful educational leaders exhibit practices associated with 21 distinct areas of responsibility. You can take the survey for free by subscribing (see link below to "Balanced Leadership Subscription Page) as a principal. The results are instructive for district administrators.


When I decided to take the survey, I spoke to a representative from McREL and she told me to type in that I was “DR” from Test School with “1” student. The survey asks you for an initiative – just type “Improving Schools.” Rate yourself on all of the items to see how you your leadership profile comes out. After you have finished the survey and have you results, transfer the results to the McREL Leadership Responsibilities Spreadsheet below. Save the spreadsheet on your computer and send me a copy.


You might want to peruse the articles below for an introduction, but that is not necessary before taking the survey.



Balanced Leadership Subscription Page


spreadsheet to summarize/sort results


McREL Leadership Responsibilities Spreadsheet.xls



Balanced Leadership 30 yrs of Research.pdf

Balanced Leadership Framework.pdf

Balanced Leadership Results and Reports.pdf

Improving Schools Leadership Behaviors.pdf


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